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Magnetic Star

I am a universe,

colliding, clashing cosmos,

stars and smoke,

all different colours,

holding the atmosphere in my hands,

because it’s all that I truly have.

I don’t go to parties,

because they make me feel lonely.

Talking to cider,

that secretly sneaks away from the glass,

while I am whiling away the hours.

Hours run too,

but I smile,

stars in my hands,

bows in my hair,

while everything carries on,

outside my orbit,

where I can ignore it.

There is a magnetic star approaching,

bright in the sky,

lighting up my heart,

and I lose control,



chaotic stares in his direction,

tornado in my torso,

from the butterflies,

that wish for exploration.

Every aspect of my solar system sees what’s coming,

eyes wide and snapping,

pair by pair,

in his direction.

He wears a crown of flames.

I kneel beside him,


forgoing my own power,

my throne is lonely,

and I adore him,

for he is bright and beautiful.

My universe seems dull in comparison,

and I am blinded by the light of his eyes,

the way they keep me awake all night.

There is a magnetic star,

drawing me closer,


and I think I am erupting,

because his heat is contagious.

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