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Blood drips from glossy lips,

thunder strikes across dark skies,

power swells in a form that can’t contain it,

and I am free in my dreams.

Ave libertas.

I sleep in the minds of maniacs,

born under a waning crescent,

but waxing wildly as the moon is reborn.

I became a monster,

with beautiful eyes,

because the world showed me it’s claws,

and I had to be stronger.

Ave vindictae.

Consecrated Queen,

kept alone in a castle,

built from shards of a broken heart.

Low mass with my lover at midnight,

wanton, wayward worship,

calling prayers into each other’s mouths,

sweet, seductive Santeria,

I drink his wine,

clear and cleansing,

glowing under his warm fingertips.

Ave delicium.

I am awake for the first time,

God’s touch,

icy around my bruised neck,

Satan’s fingerprints,

boiling on my blushing cheeks.

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