Hunters In The Dark

The sun has barely made it out of bed,

but the streetlights are sleepy and fading away.

I am finding my way in the darkness,

flashlight on my phone,

Mariah on my headphones,

when video game villain strings kick in,

and you appear.



It’s never JUST directions,

or the time that you seek,

soon the sickening truth is seen,


neon green in the dismal morning.

“I just wanna get to know you.”

You already know that I’ve said “no”,

but you take no notice,

because like Typhoid Mary,

you take no guilt in spreading your droplets,

or disrupting my day,

when I’ve told you,

twice already,

wrapped my coat around my body,

pretended to have a phone call,

pretended my boyfriend is on the way to rescue me.

Still you follow me,

telling me that true love could be waiting in the streets,

when we both know I have it waiting at home,

if I can just escape with my life and patience intact.

Even if I didn’t,

I decide where I find it,

not some man who can’t understand simple things such as


“I’m not interested”

“Leave me alone”

Your lust is a sickness,

and when I escape,

I scrub my hands until they howl,

even though I’m immune.

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