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Do It Again

Sirens sing softly through the window,

serenaded by the sounds of the city at night,

sentimental mouth sewn shut,

but I tear at the threads,

as the stars shine through my ceiling,

and I am quietly, chaotically in love.

There is a fire beneath my back,

lava between my legs,

it feels like summer on my skin,

and rain or shine,

you remain deep within my mind,

sinking deep,

spreading like delicious poison.

Low music, vibrating on the ground,

as your warmth is waiting on top of me.



kiss me,

until I forget how it feels,

numb and dumb,

smiling and compliant.

Kiss me,




until it feels otherworldly,

make me say your name,




until it feels like a foreign word,

that slips from my lips into yours,

and then,

do it again.

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