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I Am Sane

Crazy is what they call the girls who figure out how the world works.
I have been lost to lunacy for the longest time,
but it’s time to strip away stereotypes and the chains that they use to claim my soul,
because I am not what they want me to be,
but I am still a wonder of this world.
Dripping in diamonds,
dropped on my head,
I am the divine feminine,
guardian of God’s plan,
following the frequently corrected course.
I am dizzy at the deviation,
dancing across the smashed shards of my ideals, dreaming of what I will become.
I take back the letters of my name,
rearranging them as the moon returns,
so bright,
so breathtaking.
Crazy is what they called me,
when I called myself sane.
I know who I am.

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