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Girls Like Us

New York knows you. Small stem, to tepid titan, coaxing the clouds, from the sky, and the stars to the sidewalk. They gather, gasping at your glow, as you break free, and breathe, for the first time, on your own terms. Small smile, small girl, big dreams, at the ball, on the roof, gazing at the gallant night, that belongs to you. Take the … Read More Girls Like Us

Hello 2018, Goodbye Porn Watchers

I know I already did my “this is not a new year, new me post, but new year, new me!” post, but indulge me, because I have another change I’m bringing into 2018, and it’s something I’ve considered for the longest time. Up until recently, I actually thought I was asexual. I felt attraction, but the thought of actually having sex either bored me … Read More Hello 2018, Goodbye Porn Watchers

The First Ace

Tentative trees, with thick, denying branches, snake down, to the first Ace, constricting, constraining, surrounding her, like the night, but, she is not afraid. She is not made of man’s rib, but constructed of her own collarbone. She shines, brighter than the broken stars, that had given up hope, and grows taller than the voices, that told her to hide. She has arrived, and … Read More The First Ace

It’s Time To Talk About EVE (Because Many People In The Wrestling Industry Won’t).

Everybody is talking about EVE lately. Absolutely everyone! That is… except for wrestling media, you know, the people who are literally employed to talk about wrestling. It’s undeniable that EVE have been opened to whole new audiences through literal months of mainstream exposure. Mainstream reporters can’t get enough of them (I don’t blame them), and it seems like every week, EVE is covered in … Read More It’s Time To Talk About EVE (Because Many People In The Wrestling Industry Won’t).

Women Who Work (Really Hard At Pretending To Be Allies)

She tapped on a screen, as if it meant the same, as standing with the brave, and using her freedom, to free them. I am proud I will say I am proud to support my LGBTQ friends and the LGBTQ Americans of the LGBTQ Americans my Dad targets who have made immense contributions to our society and economy. so they can’t point out my … Read More Women Who Work (Really Hard At Pretending To Be Allies)