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Darling, This Is Only A Game

Darling, this is only a game,
I gaily gaze into your eyes as we play,
back and forth,
on the darkened streets, sweet candy dreams projected by the moonlight.
My tight curls are trapped inside your trusting grasp,
and I gasp at the softness of your yearning kiss,
but this,
my darling, who dissolves in the sun,
this is only a game,
a game we play,
until we stop playing,
and the sun is no longer serene,
and you tell me that you love me,
I am wearing love hearts across my eyes,
but I did not glance at you with any seriousness.
Not because I could not love you too,
but because I was too used to being lost to my emotions, and then simply lost, when the one I want has left.
Should I look again?
Darling, this is only a game,
but you couldn’t help playing to win,
and I hate to lose.

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