Reasons Why I Can’t Move In With You

It is complicated.
I can’t be any clearer than that.
There is no clear path to a peaceful life,
and I’m sure you know that,
but just like me,
you like to dream,
because life is so sweet when it isn’t real,
and we really release ourselves to the mercy of fantasy.
There are blossoms blessing the platform of the train station,
and I am standing still, for the first time in years,
rich in time,
rich in health,
but in poverty when it comes to clarity.
I people watch, to take the edge off,
and it just makes me feel worse,
because I am cursed to remember everything I need to forget,
and everyone has the potential to remind me of you.
You asked me once,
if I could love you,
and I knew I could,
but acted coy,
because bad things happen when my heart gives into wild abandon,
and it’s not fair to find you guilty of the grievances committed by ghosts,
but life isn’t fair,
my sweetheart,
and I’m sure you know that.

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