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Unexpected Discoveries On The Road To Mandalay

The sun is full of secrets,
star light on the beach seems to last long into the morning,
when I wake up with you.

Last night,
I lost my mood ring in the ocean’s waves,
but my soul still shone deep blue when you were in my eyeline.
I kiss you quick,
your lips keep me lingering,
there I go,
down familiar paths,
fiddling with my hair extensions,
pretty, pink acrylic nails,
tangled in my pride and joy,
as you take control,
taking control of me,
and I’m so at ease.

I took your picture at the Eiffel Tower,
then we took each other’s last names on the road to Mandalay,
and, good God, my girl, you made me so helplessly, hopelessly happy.

It was just a summer romance,
that seemed to stretch out across all of our lives,
before I knew it,
you were all I’d ever known,
all I’d ever need to know,
and I went searching no more.

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