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Wild About You

Hold my hand,
we’ll fall further and further,
descending to our neon candy land.
Elusive kiss that will soon be effervescent,
insistent and persistent,
exploding like a fanciful firework in the sky,
lighting up your enchanting eyes,
as I drink down my heartbreak milkshake.

We are the outlaws of the ether realms,
my sweet sunshine,
you and I,
with eyes of cobalt and chocolate,
souls intertwined in divine heaven.
I could have danced all night,
the day you first confessed your love,
but you had other plans,
so I just danced a little,
my petticoat and hems billowing as I followed you to the car,
and we drove to the end of the world,
for our own private party.

My lipstick paints your cigarettes pink,
lit by your careful hand,
then shared as we drink.
I am your dream girl,
at home in your hallucinations,
hand in hand,
we descend to our neon candy land,
and I’m just wild about you.

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