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Venus Reborn

The air was warm and wrapped around my shoulders,
your whispers became waves and I waited for you, underwater.
Blood in the blue,
so vulnerable,
but you didn’t bite,
you waited,
your gaze took me to a new place,
and I was awake.

Don’t wake me in the morning,
let me live inside my dreams.
I washed up on West Sands Beach,
brought to life by Botticelli,
walking away as the last grasps of the ocean on my skin fell away,
and fabric found my form,
lace gown,
veils and ribbons busied my hair,
and I was a bride without a wedding.

You were waiting,
garlands in nervous hands,
gifted from well wishers and the waiting crowd.
It was time.
I couldn’t tell what hour of the day was upon us,
but the sun sat in the sky above,
eager to see everything unfold.
Time always passes so strangely when I am unravelling with you.
I’m so honest with you,
lost in wonderland with you,
with our tied up hands and expanding kingdom.
One day, I will wake up in the morning,
but not today.

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