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School Daze

Why did she come back?

Why was I so obsessed with impressing her?

God, she feels so different now,

now that she’s far from my grasp,

and I realise that there was more to each dreamy, doomed glance that she gave me.

I’m starting to get starstruck by the tricks my mind can play on me.

I’m so impressive when I regress,

bringing death back to life with a flick of a firm wrist,

risking it all for one last kiss,

the only one I will ever have,

from the only one I ever wanted.

I leave people’s lives all the time,

fading away like morning frost until they only think of me every now and then, with a deep pain in their chest, because I never said goodbye.

I never said goodbye to her,

because I knew it would tear my heart from underneath my halter neck dress,

so I just faded away,

like ether in the air,

stumbling through all the messes that I made,

until she decided to reappear.

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