My Mary Magdalene

I drove the demons from your depths,
let you weep as you watched my death,
and as you sleep in your silky sheets,
I drop into your dreams for one last kiss.
You were the only saint to save me,
painting your masterpiece across my cheeks with a tender hand,
and we walked across the world,
until time told us that we could walk no more.

I lead you into temptation and to empty caves but you never turn away,
because your love for me is like religious faith,
and you find a way to look past my mistakes,
despite the damage that it does,
to you and to me,
I love your forgiving fantasy,
where I can be a better woman.

They tell you that I loved you most,
and you’ve always known it to be true,
but you always feel the need to prove yourself worthy of what little I can give you,
my wayward woman,
purer than jealous minds could find a way to understand,
you take my hand and it is healed.

You are by my side,
and my soul can sing again.

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