Far Across

A simple kiss, as we rejoin the land of the living,
soft girls, with soft lips,
gently colliding as the alarm clock radio softly sings.

I think we’ll watch her favourite film,
several hours of torture and boredom,
that will lead to a sweet smile upon her face as I wake up from my nap inside of her arms.

I always fall asleep as the title sequence ends,
otherwise I’ll end up ending the movie in a row,
because she can’t allow criticism of her deeply flawed fave,
and I can’t allow it to go without my merciless mocking,
so, we settle on me sleeping through it,
purring and smirking like a kitten,
until she’s done with her trashy rom com (it is actually a drama, but I find the poor screen writing funny, and refer to it as such),
and then the rest of the day unfolds.

I cannot weave this wasted world back together,
and I cannot leave her alone,
but I won’t atone for all my wrongs.
I will just smile and kiss her again,
grateful to have finally done something right.

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