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How The Grinch Got Her Groove Back

I was warm again,
waiting in the wings as the world tried to survive,
red and white lights passed me by and I was struggling to save my own spirits.
Losing and living,
it was four days to Christmas, but I just couldn’t feel it,
but then…
I remembered that my grandmother giving me grief in the kitchen was so close,
just four days and I’d be battling with my oven as it roasts parsnips and poultry,
presents and brandy wait under a bejewelled tree,
it’s all there for me,
all I have to do is let it into my heart.

Just four more days to fight through,
and then, at least I get a lie in.
Four more days until I am found amongst family,
maybe life won’t be so languishing when the lights are low and the glasses are grateful to be full?

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