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New Year, New Poem

Red and green sparks slink across the sky.
Life is returning for a moment,
meek and mastered no more,
she is strong,
roaring as she stretches across my eyeline,
to remind me, once again, that nothing lasts forever,
except the joy of fireworks.

I feel it in the air,
bubbling and brewing under my skin.
There is magic in my drink.
Down it goes,
right down my throat and I take a deep breath,
like my life depends on it,
because I have been given another year,
and that is such a thoughtful, selfless gift to give a girl like me.

I see the sparks up in the sky,
above the forest,
dancing in the darkness as I pour another drink,
at four minutes past my second chance.
I feel it in my soul,
something is coming,
something sweet and so fulfilling,
and this time,
I won’t let it go.

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