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Under The Moon, Under A Spell

Meet me under the moon,
my melancholy love.
This night belongs to us,
two daughters of Venus,
violet kisses against the walls of my old high school.
There are no shadows, where we go,
no secrets in our secluded state.
I tell you that at last, I want to live,
and I am blessed and cursed by the endless echoes of my footsteps,
all the places I’ve been,
all the hearts I have held against my own to see if they’d fit,
but one kiss, and all that was kept from me is revealed.

You were the sweetness that my soul had been searching for,
achingly close for so long, but so silent,
hiding in plain sight as I poured through my life, looking for answers that always eluded me,
and I was so deluded,
but here I am,
under the moon, under a spell, under the impression that I can finally find myself after spending so long looking.

What are you looking for, my love?

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