Dream Girl, Dialing In

I wrote you a song under the stars,
kept the fires burning high so you could find your way home.
I wore a single violet,
tied tight around my neck,
so that you’d recognise me, as I crept into your dreams.
It’s unseemly to be so starstuck,
to be unstuck by a face I’ve yet to memorise,
but as the moon sat, swollen in the sky,
and the cards fell as they desired,
I could hear your footsteps, right behind me.
You are so close,
my sweet love.

I am your dream girl,
heart racing as I wait to connect,
heart eyes as I call you on our secret hotline,
and we dine on the Titanic, after flying through the Milky Way.
Close your eyes and make a wish,
count to ten and breathe like your life depends on it,
because you are so close,
my sweet love.
All you have to do is dream.

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