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Life On Venus

Is this a true story?
You’ll have to stick around and find out,
dear reader,
because, I, your beloved and unreliable narrator have always regaled you with my tall tales,
the truth melting in my mouth as I weave between your reality and my own.

Once upon a time,
twice as long ago as you’d expect,
silver lights shined through closed eyes,
burning like the unwelcome sun through windows that belong to a wistful woman who sleeps too little.

The light was impolite,
unafraid of interrupting,
because like an eager postman, or an angel in Nazareth,
it had something to share.
Breaking through the barriers of her well earned, but never quite arriving rest,
the little lights blinked and bothered until they found their way inside of her gaze.

From on high came a fundamental truth.
The stars were streaming from the sky,
flames were forming from ice,
roads rose to meet the clay clouds in the world’s wonderful ceiling,
crashing all around her as she came to the realisation she had been avoiding.
It was a God awful small affair,
to the girl with the synthetic hair extensions,
and there’d be no more rest,
because there was life in her long suffering heart again.

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