Bored and Bruised

I am a spoiled, horrid brat in a hurry for hurried heartbeats.

I want entertainment and enhancement,

in any order,

but never from someone who bores me,

and I bore as easily as I bruise,

breaking hearts and singing the blues,

these are just the things I do,

while I’m searching for something that will make me stable.

A girl from Canterbury asked to see me,

with no pretence and no preamble,

she just scanned my body with ravenous eyes and pointed to the phallic objects on her bedside table,

but, dear reader,

I was bored and preemptively bruised,

tearful and blue as I made my excuses and moved on with this whole “life” thing,

it was just so… boring,

to be desired in such a self defeating way,

but this is all that ever comes my way.

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