Sweet Pea

I went sailing, when I should have been sleeping,
the ocean was excited to see me,
throwing herself against the boat, so desperate to touch,
so sweet in all her sorrow.
I had been away too long, and I had broken her heart,
fortunate that she was the forgiving type.

I had kissed her, more times than I could count,
but her eyes eluded me,
her name,
never known to me,
so I just called her in sighs and left the sight of her for another day.

There was frost on the branches of a bird’s home,
greyscale rainbow in the ever extending sky,
the rain was rising up to reclaim this land,
and I was as defiant as I could manage,
on a morning like this,
missed by my mistress,
slipping away every now and again,
to be adored by her.

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