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Dream Boat

The clouds have come apart against the pretty, painted, ultramarine,
waking up with the sort of sigh that only comes with the premature end of elation,
and darling, I understand them completely.

Last night, I was lost in my lyrics and the whisky that whisked them into life,
killed by a goodnight kiss, long after I had lost consciousness,
blissful as I blustered my way through the universe with you at my side,
blessing each inch of the Earth, and beyond, with the sweetness of our sweetheart phase.

It was such a sin to be separated as the sun rose,
but the dull demands of the now are nagging,
and for now, I must meet their request,
resting my soul in the daylight hours,
because my dream boat sails at dusk,
and maybe tomorrow, it will all come true.

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