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Do You Believe?

My eyes could not conceive her,
held at the barrier of my own lack of belief,
all over the place, unable to be assured,
in a cycle of cynicism,
resulting from my ride in life.
I just couldn’t believe it.

But, she was determined,
like a dog with a bone, or a genius with an idea,
all over the place, pulling me from my pity party,
closing her arms around my shaking body,
keeping me calm in a storm that never seemed to end.

Like she always knew it would,
of course, the storm subsided,
voluntarily, after being asked politely,
everything slowed to a stop,
stillness calmed my soul, and I looked at her.

At last, my eyes could conceive her,
suddenly aware of all that the world desired for me,
held in the arms of my home,
like a precious thing, or a family heir.
I just believed it, at last.

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