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Isn’t It Worth A Try?

She was worried that the world was going to shit,
but to me, the world was a limitless playground,
so I beckoned her, with pink, poorly manicured fingernails and told her that I could take her anywhere she wanted to go.

She had the whole world on her tense, tired shoulders,
and I planned world peace between the soft sheets that she stayed up all night in,
I asked her how she felt about trying to relax a little.

Wrong question.

My glacial girl was aflame,
glowing in the dark night,
hours after the moon had fallen asleep,
because life was all over the place,
and it was hard to find her place,
with such frustration as horror found its way to our front door.

Perhaps, it isn’t the case that falling in love can drown the flames of fascism,
but “darling”,
I said with my sweetest smile,
“isn’t it worth a try?”

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