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I’ve Never Loved Anyone The Way I Love You

Placing the memory of us on my pillow,
you pushed it into my lips,
midnight kiss as I met my match,
finally falling for my own tricks,
bewitched, bothered and bewildered by your ability to bypass my borders.

Are we like seahorses?
Lovebirds and loved up penguins?
I thought I’d thought my last fantastical thing about you,
but you’re still here,
aren’t you?
And I still belong to you,
despite the freedom I fantasise about.

Is that even what I want?
I’ll never know,
because I never let myself think about life without you,
I just let life continue, and hoped that I’d adjust,
but I must admit,
im falling for it again,
falling for you,
falling for this.

I call it a trick,
but I am a willing participant,
captive with my own ropes,
writing my own ransom note,
knowing that nobody I know has the means to free me.

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