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Love At First Bite

The sweetness of her skin,
sensationally sultry as she saunters past me.
I am daunted by the delicacy,
the way she sails on the air, like an angel,
brushing her long, blonde curls from her slender shoulders.

I sleep with stakes when I sense myself starstruck,
moved by the mountain of my muse,
how blue I become when she passes by without a glance,
my eyes aflame,
the embers as red as the honey I hunger for,
deep inside of her veins.

Such a soft smile from such a sweet girl.
Sometimes she smiles for me,
and I am reborn.
Such pearly, pristine skin that seems to shine like the sun,
a beacon to a lost soul who can barely resist the compulsion to sink her teeth into the sweetness of her skin.

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