You Keep Making The Same Mistake

You inspired me with a soulful performance of vulnerability,
something sent to be seen by my eyes, and my eyes alone,
true blue truth from my brown eyed belle,
a single tear traces down your clear skin as you clutch me in your embrace,
Glenn Miller filling the air,
afraid I will run, again.

Your fear is not unfounded,
but I’ve been buried in myself,
trying to be a better person.
I strip down to silky whispers as the stars stare from outside my window,
raising a glass to my reflection in the mirror,
haunted by how your cries creep closer every time that I escape,
enveloping me,
etching into my skin the awareness that I must evolve, for my sweet, embraceable angel.

You take a chance on my charms, again,
presenting your pounding heart with no flourish, no showmanship, just a promise to love me,
no matter what I do,
and it’s so beautiful,
that I adore you, and pity you in equal measure.

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