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She Was So Passionate

Your temper tarnished the night,
tempestuous temptress,
sweeping me into sweet cyclones,
but I didn’t mind at all.
So enthralled,
enchanted by the rise and fall of your chest as you pinned me to the painted wall with a passionate kiss.

You could start an argument in an empty, echoing room,
and I adore it,
aching for the anger in your eyes,
a kiss so hard that my heart is bruised in the most beautiful way.

I’ll scratch that itch that drives you out of your mind,
make a wish,
kissing under excited, unfortunate stars that couldn’t quite stay up where they belonged.
They clatter, collapsing all around us,
your ring, around my neck,
your heart, pounding beside mine,
and the clumsy stars, shining and smiling beneath us.

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