Things I’ve Seen On My Travels

Sweet, serene siren on the sapphire shore.
I’m in a whirl,
so unorderly,
because you pull me in without parting your lips.

Gorgeous creature in grey slacks and green glasses,
the simple grace of grey gardens,
and your grey hair,
swept softly behind your ear,
an array of earrings adorn you,
and you shine like the sun,
swallowing my soul with every sigh and stolen glance.

We’ll ache for each other,
just a little bit,
but that’s a secret that will stay in these sweet seconds.

I am the wanderer,
wayward in my wanting,
forever fleeting,
fleeing from the feeling that this could be it.

It cannot.
You are just a dream on a dull day,
fading before I’ve even figured out my favourite thing about you.

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