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Down by the lake,

I watched the sun rise,

my eyes meeting morning,

as birds break the silence.

You are deep in the water,

reflected back at me,

your soft smile echoes in my eyeline,

my lips ache from longing.

My shoulders are covered,

but they shiver,

for you are the warmth in my heart,

and without you,

I am frozen.

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Nighttime Excursions

As I fall asleep,

my pillow becomes a portal,

and you reach out your hand,

pulling me through,

to our own little realm,

where I leave my life behind,

sleepwalking by your side,

hand in hand,

eyes meeting eyes.

I dream,

imaginative and inquisitive,

like a little girl,

and I wake up,

wishing that I could carry your kiss,

from my dreams to my reality.