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Desire In Dreams

You fall in frustration,

screaming at the soft carpet that greets you,

because I torture you,

ever elusive,

long legs,

across your desk,

long monologue,

where I pretend not to notice,

that you want me.

I talk about it some more,

your desire is my world,

and all the world’s a stage,

for girls like me.

My lips are soft,

and yours are cursing me,

they collide every time I try to continue speaking,

because you’re rushing me,

for your own sake,

and eventually mine.

I watch you lose your mind.

Last night,

I dreamed that we went to see a movie,

stuck to the seats,

as your hands decided to be sordid,

hungry for something the snack counter didn’t stock,

I was devoured by a demon that had already consumed my soul,

and I woke up from that,

like nothing was wrong.

How does that make you feel?

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Soft sighs,

as I see you,

in my cards,

heart racing,

as the future finds me,

alone in my bedsheets.

I write you a love letter,

inside of my head,

I will never ever send it,

but I will trace the syllables onto your skin,

as you sleep beside me,

hoping that you’ll understand,

the things I find hard to give away.

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Dormir Contigo


under the moonlight,

that is soft,

and just a little curious,

I say yes,

when you ask me to stay,

meeting you,

in a place that already feels familiar,

your name,

already so familiar,

to a mouth that was still mourning,

but saw new life,

in the lillies,

that are ready to die.

I am ready to live.

Singing Dormir Contigo,

as I make myself presentable,

barely present,

because my mind has already left the house,

heading down the astral highway,

to how you looked at me,

when I woke up next to you,

how your eyes seemed to shine,

only for me,

and I felt so alive,

with you.