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Night is gentle with us,

the sky stays a little longer,

blushing orange as it kisses the sea,

you kiss me,


and I am a calamity,

warm wherever your hands explore,

precious pads on my fine floral prints.

Menthol meets the wine you had an hour ago,

your tongue,

talking softly to my painted lips,

parting them,

slowly but with great authority,

and I know that I belong to you,


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The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

I break branches,

in my sleep,

with soft steps,

that tried to be gentle.

I am walking,


in the woods,

warm winds upon my shoulders,

from the fire of the forest.

Burning branches,

pray for their fallen friends,

on the ground,

as the world grows smaller,

the night grows darker,

my mind goes faster.

There is a fire,

that lights up the once cold night.

I don’t remember the beginning,

but I cannot stop myself from being engulfed.

Flames decorate my dress,

trailing up and down,

like bridal lace.

I just want it to be over,

but the night will never end.

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Brown Eyes, Staring Into Brown Eyes

I began writing about your eyes,

how I love the lines that live beside them,

the juxtaposition of the youthful glimmer and the aged glamour.

I was going to write about your eyes,

but I saw them watching me,

shining, sweet,

so nervous,

begging your lips to ask,

if I was bored.

I think about your eyes,

laying in your lap,

staring up into comforting cocoa,

that goes from my eyes,

to my throat,

finding words to give to you,

so that you know,

I’m never bored,

just beguiled.

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The Flight Was Cancelled

I told you that my heart was not an airport.

It was not a place for easy arrivals or departures,

but there you stood,

one foot inside the gate,

one foot out,

swaying from side to side,

with a cruel smile,

telling me that you would go where you pleased.

I want to ground every flight,

tear every cloud from the sky,

sleeping in their soft,

sweet relief,

until you understand,

that you already left,


and you won’t get past security again.