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Just A Game – Part One

October 1st 2022 – 01:47


Thank you for signing up!

Please can you confirm what you’d like me to call you?

[Morgan: My name is Morgan.]

I’m sure you’re wondering what our game will involve and I will explain in a few moments, but first, I need to ensure that you are over eighteen years of age. Please confirm your date of birth before we continue.

[Morgan: December 28th 2003.]

I see. Perfect.

Thank you for confirming.

Please can you now confirm the country you are playing from?

[Morgan: United Kingdom.]

Thanks Morgan, that’s great.

We can now begin.

Welcome to Discovery. The aim of the game is to help you discover your potential with the help of your trusty question partner, Disco. That’s me!

Every time you log on, I’ll have a brand new question for you, and as the days go on, we’ll really get to know each other. As the game goes on, I’ll be able to assist you with selecting your next steps in life. I’ll give you an assessment of what your next moves should be as we go and I can even link you to helpful resources that will get you on your way to your dream life.

For each question you answer, you’ll earn Disco Points, which can be used for cool prizes that you won’t get anywhere else! Isn’t that exciting?

Players all over the world have utilised the Discovery game to help them overcome a slump and get onto a path that makes them happy, and I can’t wait to help you on that path too.

You might think a game can’t help you achieve your wildest dreams but our reviews speak for themselves, and you have my guarantee, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Your life will change forever!

For now, let’s start with an easy question.

Why are you looking for help in your life?

[Morgan: I feel like I’m going nowhere. I need a way forward.]

I see. You’re feeling unfulfilled. I completely understand, and I am happy to help. By the way, you’ve just earned five Disco Points! Soon, you’ll be on your way to your dream life and some really awesome prizes.

I’ve helped many people in your position, and I can promise you, your life will change quicker than you can imagine.

I’d recommend downloading our free app from your favourite app store, so that I can be with you wherever you are.

Remember, I can only help you if you’re connecting with me on a regular basis, so don’t forget to log on at least once a day, and remember to always be honest with me.

We recommend that users don’t share their Discovery profiles with anyone else, so that your journey isn’t influenced by any other users.

Together, we are going to change your life for the better.

It’s really late, so get some rest and I’ll see you soon!


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Halloween Approaches

Over the hills and through the branches of trembling, tingling trees, she approaches.
She sings her siren song to the crisp, cold air,
her heart, patient,
her kiss, petrifying,
and you,
so still, so sealed in your fate.

It’s almost like being in love,
and left to your own devices,
you could mistake it for such an adventure.
She’ll follow you,
like a scorned lover,
stronger every day,
never to be stopped,
never to be escaped,
she is something to be felt,
from the first day, until the last,
unlocking your lonely heart and reminding you in a soft, windswept whisper that you are not alone in your house tonight.

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Leopards For Mahsa Amini

The children born of Venus break through their bounds,
voices loud,
brave, beautiful roars that echo across the world,
hair tumbling down their backs as they run,
carrying the fates of their younger sisters on their shoulders.

Windows light up as they pass,
faces and fingers press against the glass,
girls are gleeful,
desperate for a glimpse of the leopards as they leap into action.
Claws shimmering and sparkling in the moon’s soft light strike down the weak, whispering shadows that surround the town square.

A man shuffles towards the leopard,
trying to tower above her with his stocky chest and curt voice.
He fails,
falling to the ground as he asks her again to submit,
the certainty of his power begins to crumble with each step the leopard takes,
and surrounded by her sisters,
watched by the ones who will one day be women,
she looks him in the eye and begins to sing.

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I’ve Never Loved Anyone The Way I Love You

Placing the memory of us on my pillow,
you pushed it into my lips,
midnight kiss as I met my match,
finally falling for my own tricks,
bewitched, bothered and bewildered by your ability to bypass my borders.

Are we like seahorses?
Lovebirds and loved up penguins?
I thought I’d thought my last fantastical thing about you,
but you’re still here,
aren’t you?
And I still belong to you,
despite the freedom I fantasise about.

Is that even what I want?
I’ll never know,
because I never let myself think about life without you,
I just let life continue, and hoped that I’d adjust,
but I must admit,
im falling for it again,
falling for you,
falling for this.

I call it a trick,
but I am a willing participant,
captive with my own ropes,
writing my own ransom note,
knowing that nobody I know has the means to free me.

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The Tumblr DMs of Teenage Girls

There are wolves on webpages,
whispering sour somethings to silent, shocked ears,
girls, not yet done growing,
growled at by grown men,
good, feminist, sex positive guys who just want to show them how much fun it is to be a woman.

“This is weird, but… Is it okay if I jerk off to your selfies lol. You’re so cute!”

The text cursor blinks in disbelief,
but she just stares, blankly.
This is her third howl from a wolf in the last hour.
Her age is written in the One Direction gif spam and the Glee branded tank top that took up most of the selfie he salivates over,
and it’s spelled out,
once for each of her fifteen years, in posts and profile details,
but the wolf is playing dumb.

“You don’t look fifteen. You’re so grown up for your age…”

She looks fifteen. Maybe even fourteen.

The text cursor is once again dumbfounded,
but the child is wise beyond her years.
It is her survival skill.
there is no hunter roaming the woods to rid her of the wolf,
no axe available to her hands,
just whisper networks, where children warn each other and wait for the adults to do something about the other adults.

“Random, but I was thinking about you, and I took this picture… You see what you did to me?”

Nobody comes (except the wolves, of course),
and the child adds another whisper to the wind,
growing up, mired in mistrust,
called a prude for being rude to the man who meant her harm.
Nothing changes,
nobody arrives to save the silent, scared child,
but everyone is shocked when she is reborn at eighteen,
axe in hand,
the hunter she hungered for.