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The leaves are threatening to fall again,

dreich days replace the summer haze that I barely noticed until it was all I needed,

and then, suddenly, the sun was nowhere to be seen,

and the leaves leapt from the trees.

This does not bode well.

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Sunflowers and Cigarettes

Sunflowers sleep atop black curls,

surrounding my sweet face,

floral crown, shining in the sunlight that never seems to want to leave.

The charms of my bracelet jingle jangle on the boat’s cleat,

as I ache for the ocean,

just beyond my reach.

I hear God in the ocean’s howl,

and he is kinder to me, with his sweet words than I have ever been to myself.

I smoke cigarette after cigarette,

to keep my hands busy, and away from the alcohol that waits below deck,

spying on the sea and all her many children,

as they peek from behind their mother’s legs.

I am wearing an infamous white dress,

never earned.

I never learn,

but today, I want to be beautiful,

so beautiful that somebody would look at me,

love me,

love me like it was meant to last forever,

so here I stand,

an innocent, hopeful halter neck dress,

crown of flowers, blessed by the Sun,

and a veil of choking cigarette smoke,

as I sail away.

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The New Moon

The new moon brings me to the sun. I am staring into heaven for the sake of the my sanity. The new moon said that she was in love with me before I gave up on myself, but that she’d find a way to love what I’d become, and I smiled, sighing at her kindness, the softness of her shining light makes me shy.

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Healing Tree

Snow has sunk into the ground,

beaten and defeated by the soft rays of the sun.

I stare, seated in my kitchen,

at the pleasant pink and blue that peeks from behind the branches of a healing tree,

a tree that has weathered the winter, spurred on by the promise of return and renewal.

The sun rises,

and I rise with it,

birds hide in branches,

singing long forgotten songs,

about a hopeful spring and a happy summer,

as I step into the shower,

washing off my worries,

and hurrying towards hope,

like the healing tree in my back garden.

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Bay Leaves

Bright moonlight reflects on my bay leaves,

my dark eyes are shining,

as I write wishes on nature’s body,

my heart, full of hope,

and the night, full of possibilities.

A fun little fox is my right hand witch,

pawing at the floor as I call to the sky.

I’m a patient Princess,

drinking honey in the dark,

waiting for the world to catch up to my ambitions.