New Poetry, Jewellery, and so much love :)

Hey everyone!

I’ve just put up a new collection of poems entitled X on the media section. It was really refreshing to try something solely based on one subject, and really interesting to write, so I hope you all enjoy them.

You may have seen me mention on Twitter that I will be working with Penspired Jewellery, to create a line based on an upcoming collection of my work. I’m really excited to be able to create something new and different with my work, and I can’t wait to show you what we came up with! For updates on that, be sure to follow Penspired on Twitter. They will be posting weekly clues, so see if you can guess!

While I’m here, thank you guys so much for the wonderful gift of 12000 followers on Instagram! I love seeing all the creative things you guys share with me on social media, and I’m very grateful to have so many thoughtful friends.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you so much for all your kindness and support. I’m really looking forward to more exciting projects in the New Year.

Todo mi amor y besos,

J x



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When I was seventeen, I decided to go to university. I had considered, and dismissed it before, but at seventeen, an English teacher remarked of his hopes for me to continue my studies at university, and I decided “why the fuck not?”

So, off to university I went. I decided to do a course in creative writing, and was excited at the prospect of meeting people like myself, and I did. I met a lot of wonderful people, but I also met quite a few people that I’m going to discuss further.

Before university, my writing was isolated. I occasionally shared it in english classes, when pushed into it, but it never went further than that. I had never really met other writers before, but they always seemed nice in books and movies, and so I wasn’t too concerned.

In one of my first classes, there was stifled laughter from one corner when a student stated that Twilight was her favourite book. Now, I’ve never read Twilight, and I probably won’t, but this moment highlighted a big issue in the writing community for me.

There is a startling problem with elitism among students in writing classes (and writing in general). I’m not sure why I was so surprised to discover it, in hindsight, because it’s incredibly visible. Of course, all writing is subjective, and there would be no point in writing continuing if we all read and enjoyed the same content, and with that in mind, why should someone be laughed at for enjoying Twilight? A student inspired by Twilight is still capable of writing to the same level of somebody who has been raised on a diet of Keats and Wilde, and it’s unfortunate that people still think otherwise.

Every writer has limitless potential, and the way they discovered their passion for writing is valuable, regardless of who pointed them in that direction. There is no reason a person should be written off immediately, due to their creative influences, because it potentially throws away future best sellers, books that will change lives and open minds. Drowning out a potential writer’s voice with obnoxious laughter at their influences only isolates writing further as a medium, and continues to present the stereotype that writing is for a small section of the population, and that no other voices are worthy, which is hardly the image writing needs.

There are expectations, of those who attend creative writing classes, to consume a certain type of writing, and then produce the same, which completely undermines the word “creative” in the title of the class. No writer has the same journey, and your journey being full of Plath and Morrissey vinyls doesn’t make you more intelligent, or more entitled to be in a writing class, because a learning environment should be for anyone who found their way there, and wants to learn more.

If a person has something to express, and decides writing is the best medium for them, they should be encouraged, and not mocked, because their influences don’t match up to your own expectations. The content of their inspiration isn’t important, the existence of the inspiration itself is the key factor that earned them a place in class, and you don’t get to tell them otherwise. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, passion is the only prerequisite to advancing their writing journey.

I’m now twenty three, and while I have understood this for a while, I am aware a lot of people still struggle with the concept. The truth is, it doesn’t make you a better writer if you laugh at somebody who read and was inspired by Twilight. It just makes you rude.

Let Me Live.


Hey, I’ve put up some new stuff for you guys, and I really hope you like it!

You can read the new poems here.

I’m hoping to have something new at least every month or so in the future, so I will keep you posted, because I really enjoy sharing my work with all of you.

It’s been so crazy seeing your reactions, but it motivates me and I’m so grateful. Thank you.


J x



Hey guys, I’ve put up some new poems which you can view here.

Hope you like them!

These are some things I’ve written since graduating, that didn’t really have a connection to anything themed I will be sharing, so I put them all together.

J x

Happy Birthday, Progress Wrestling!

jennifer juan greyscale

Ah, Progress. Light of my life, fuel of my wrestlefeels.

Yesterday, Progress Wrestling celebrated their second anniversary in the only way they know how, with an excellent evening of entertainment at Camden’s Electric Ballroom.

Jim, John, Glen, and their incredible roster of talent gave us yet another reason to rush online to purchase tickets for their next show, on May the 18th, and I have no doubt we shall feel the same then too.

While I won’t spoil results for those who weren’t lucky enough to have a ticket, I will advise you to head over to their website and treat yourself to some anniversary presents, and I will also celebrate, with a little haiku. After all, I have to use my creative writing degree for something.

Progress. Clap, clap, clap.
Warriors wrestle wisely,
buy some bloody merch.