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Send me stillness.

Quiet piano and the sound of the wind.

Don’t play too loud.

Don’t play at all.

No movement,

no more moments of panic,

just seconds of stillness.


Echoes of my nightmares,

fading with every second,

until all I can hear is the air,

asking how I’m doing,

soft rain in the gutter,

undisturbed train tracks,

telling me how good it is to be alive and alone.

I tell them about my heart and all her troubles,

my madness,

my inability to fall in love without becoming Jodi Arias.

She is sympathetic (and maybe a little scared),

smiling and silent,

and I think that sometimes,

that is all I need.

Just a little stillness.

Just a little silence.

Just a little stability.

Just to step on the ground and not feel it moving, for once.

I want to stay,

but my voice is still,

and my eyes are drowning.

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The Door Is Locked

The door is locked.

Your soul is stained and scarred,

staring with envy at the bright white of mine.

My soul shudders, shakes with fear,

because I was just supposed to be in and out.

I was never meant to stay,

you know.

I was never supposed to stay.

Just a quick visit,

then back home,

but the door is locked,

and evil is evolving before my eyes,

prising the purity from my cold, almost dead fingers.

You weren’t even supposed to notice I was here,

but now your lens is red,

and I am headed somewhere horrid,

with bloody handprints all over me.

Never happy,

never meant to be,

but never given the opportunity,

to tread a different path,

because this was always where I was going.

I was never supposed to stay.

Just a quick visit, and I’d be on my way,

but I’m still here,

covered in blood,

soul, stained and scarred,

eyes, glassy and gone.

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The sun was beautiful this morning,

peeking from behind the clouds,

with a sweet smile.

I smiled too,

for a moment,

peeking from behind my personal clouds,

seeing the sunlight sitting far above,

speaking of better days on the way.

The sky is grey,

for the most part,

but bits of blue are peeking through.

The sun and I are smiling,

because the sky is shining,

showing me the eyes of my beloved,

and I am hopeful,


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Pink Eyeshadow

I sat alone,

sewing stories to my soul,

pink glitter at ease on my eyelids,

soft, pastel, peaceful pink,

you know it’s my favourite colour,

don’t you?

We watched a movie about madness,

in the middle of the night,

with the chocolates you got me for Valentine’s Day.

I was quite satisfied with the taste,

but still missed you on my lips,


you know that you can kiss me,

if you want to.

Don’t you?

I just want to be your girl,

it isn’t much more complicated than that,

but sometimes, it feels like I’m on a path,

drenched in dark,

no light, no guide,

and my shoes are bombs,

but I just keep walking,

eyeshadow sparkling,

as I spark up a cigarette,

to see my way back to you better.

One of my psychics said your name this morning,

and I couldn’t breathe for a minute or so.

I just want to sew stanzas into my soul,

about the way you made summer seem to last forever,

kissing you in Greenwich Park,

deep inside my dreams,

keeping my lips soft,

with coconut scrub,

and romantic ambition,

for when the kiss eventually comes.