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Lost In The Woods

The last streams of sunlight crawl through broken, bare branches,

as night falls,

and I find myself falling on the soft ground,

surrounded by grass decorated with frost,

half dead candles, that still dare to shine, long into the night.

I find myself falling to a place I won’t escape,

I’m dreaming again,

surrounded by my spells,

my sentimental attachments to things in the real world,

that I can’t quite reach from my casa in the clouds.

I think you cast a love spell,

because I forget myself when I’m around you,

I can’t breathe when I’m around you,

and when we are apart,

my heart is not my own,

my heart just sings a lonely song she wrote,

to show you that she was devoted.

Soft and sensitive,

I sing lullabies to the falling, dying leaves,

writing your name, neatly, across their spines,

placing them gently in my hair,

feeling them fall as I walk,

leaving a trail,

so I can be sure of all the places that I adored you.

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Hopeful Fantasy

You sleep beside me,

inside my dreams, I hold you,

but I wake, alone.

I wake up alone,

your presence, a fantasy,

I lay still, hopeful.

I am still hopeful,

that I was made for your arms,

that I deserve you.

What do I deserve?

How will I destruct? Destroy?

With you by my side.

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I saw swans,

sailing down silver waves,

as the sun said goodbye,

and the last time we kissed was on my mind,

because sunsets make me close my eyes and think of you,

icy wind on my eyelids,

while I ache for your hands, holding my waist.

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River Thames At Sunset

I want to watch the Thames at sunset with you,

holding hands with you,

I want to make plans with you.

I want to see the sun,

sliding into the water,

shy of the sensation, at first,

but finding itself diving,

deep underneath the waves,

falling asleep where the bodies are buried.

I want to show you where my bodies are buried.

I want to tell you all my secrets,

in the soft light of the sunset,

hands tight together,

diving into another day,

another week,

another month with you.

I purchased a Valentine’s Day card,

for you,

because I saw it,

and I got excited at the thought of you opening it,

and remembering that to somebody,

you are as beautiful as a sunset atop a river,

a river that has seen so many love stories.

I want the river to smile at our love story,

I want you to be my Valentine,

my sunset,

my sunrise,

my river that always leads me back home.

“river Thames at sunset” – Jim Pickard