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Plaything Of A Narcissist

She never met a mirror that she didn’t like,
never got tired of her own tones.
I understood,
because I was crazy about her,
caught up in how clever she is,
just another doll on her shelf,
spellbound and silent until she picks me up,
I purr, pulled pure from my senses by the softness of her fingertips.
She knows!
Of course,
she knows!
She is a bright beauty,
intellectual and enticing,
and I am at her mercy.
That’s just how I like it.

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Fade Away

We fade in the daylight,
far from the safety of grounded reality.
Nothing is noticeable in the darkness of our desire’s shadow,
everything is kept in close whispers and warm wishes between us,
hands meeting under silent tables that shut their eyes as those hands let the seconds slide into minutes.
It’s enough to fade away,
to find a moment and make it our secret.
It’s enough to hold your hand,
and long for your lips as the minutes become hours.

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Everything Was Clear

Caught your eye under the kissing tree,
kept you close,
kept repeating the promise I’d made,
it lay just under my tongue,
and I could taste it,
sour and so full of judgement,
but you,
you were so close and so corrupting.

My eyes were entranced by your well developed… personality,
and there was a cacophony of conflict in my mind,
but as you captured my gaze, and then conquered my lips,
everything was clear, for the very first time.