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Astronomy – This Time, It’s Personal

She says really pointless things,

or so he says,

but it’s an art!


it’s an art!

Art and cruelty,

so he says,

art and cruelty,

but she thinks it’s so essential,

and she thinks he speaks no sense,

but he tries,

or so he says,

and she lies,

when she says she doesn’t care.

She says he’s frustrating,

but profound and lovely,

wondering why they can’t go one day,

without fighting, fucking, freezing,

then repeating the same cycle,

before she types a kiss,

and let’s him sleep on her shoulder.

He is creatively flippant,

or so she says,

cherry picking times,

when they thought they’d be happy,

and feeding them to him,

as she languishes in guilt,

finding herself at Forest Hill,

complex caramel,

and the boy who sails to the stars.

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