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Twin Flame

I sat,

solitary in a bar,

trying to drink away your cold hand,

from my shoulders.

Last night,

I watched my psychic,

tear you limb from limb,

and I loved it,

as much as I love you.

Loving you,

is dressing up in my best,

and drowning.

You want me,

but you want me to be alone.

I’m afraid of how acceptable I find that.

You are sitting on my shoulders,

like Britney’s snake,

hissing and sassing suitors.

I am resentful but relieved,

lighting a cigarette,

on the flames of our never ending affair.

Your hands pin mine to the bar,

I am breathless,

because I can walk out of the door,

I can leave,

I can go to the other side of the world,

but I will never be my own again.

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