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What A Girl Wants


Wreck my life,

down at the river bank,

say you’re so full of sense,

but I’ve never been so confused,

and starved of closure,

throwing myself into the water,

remaining dry as a desert,

deserted, dismal, desperate.

Kiss me,

when I’m chaotic,

say you’re sick of being separate,

but you sit,

inside a tower,

wondering whether I was ever rational.

Everyone says I’m on your mind,


hoping that I’m happy.

I feel listless,



say I’m irreplaceable,

but you never try to find me.

(Am I angry?)

The sky told me,

that you don’t know

how to approach me.

My door is open,

windows waiting,

to spy the sight of you.

Mariah’s on the radio,

saying to me

“I just can’t accept the possibility

We weren’t made for each other’s arms.”

Wait a minute,

this is too deep,

I gotta change the mindset.

I don’t.

I think,


against advice,

of you.

I recall small sentences,

that used to say I was your starlight.

The night time never ends,

when you’re not near me,

but I’m learning to see in the dark.

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