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They’re All Gonna Laugh At You

Heaven is hell to get to.

Eve was weak,

and so am I,

cursed with blood,

and a heart that breaks too easily,

keeping myself in the cupboard,

because loneliness and fear,

feel far better,

than being seduced by sin,

once again,

paying a price I could never afford.

So long, salvation,

I knew nothing but your name,

but you were the only love,

who could control my carnage,

gently placing each wonder of the world,

back in its place,

my tear stained face,

soothed by the promise of forever with you,

but even you,

my only true love,

could wait no longer.

Eve was weak,

and so am I,

but the world is the weakest,

on its knees,

cowering as I float through the air,

Freyja in flats,



slowly descending,

into damnation.

They say that karma is a dish,

best served dead,

sliced through the heart,

served in a sauce,

made of the memories,

that fill my head.

Do promised prom queens go to heaven?

Can I take my crimson corsage,

inside the gates?


was I made to massacre?

What becomes of brides,

who lose themselves to blood?


my sweet,

if I can’t have you,

no one can.

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