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I had mainly been the plaything of straight men,

so when she asked me what I liked to do,

I stared,


and impolitely,

into her eyes,

and their associated heaven,

until she broke the silence with a simple sigh.

She took my hand,

tracing teaching onto it,

leaving me breathless and emotional,

on top of the soft duvet,

that I spent years trying to recreate,

but could never quite capture,

because it reminds me of how she held me,


that’s the feeling I really want back,

but I know I’ll never have it,

stuck in the habit of missing things that will always elude me.

She asked me why I cried so much,

I told her I was just happy to be with her.

I never told a lie when I was with her,

but I’ve never learned to be honest with anybody else.

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