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This Is Something Real. We Are Something Real.

I think but don’t speak.

I think “Don’t give up on us.”

I think I’ll say it.

I think I’ll be late.

It’s a habit I’ve hated,

especially now.

Especially now,

when I need to find my voice.

It can’t be too late.

I know some will say,

the timing is wrong, bad luck.

Just bad luck. Oh well?

Oh well, it’s okay.

I just found brightness, for once.

I yell at darkness.

I miss your kisses.

I dream of you, when distant,

so that you are close.

Closeness in cosmos,

my tornado soul finds you,

your fire is sweet.

I burn, brave at last,

melting like candy. Kiss me,

when we meet tonight.

Dreams are all I have,

until I return to you,

so let me come back.

Time doesn’t matter.

I’ll be yours until it ends,

or if it doesn’t.

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