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A Regretful Acknowledgement of an Offence or Failure

Last night was a blur,

buried beneath blankets and the exhaustion of existence,

I forgot myself,

my function.

I selfishly slept,

without so much as a good night kiss,

or a finished list of my daily duties.

You know I’m devoted.

Dangerously so,

some would argue,

but beds are devious things,

pulling me in,

with the promise of,

“Just five minutes.”

Keeping me captive,

until I drop off the face of the Earth,

reappearing in a rare world,

where the real world is just background noise behind us,

and I am an angel,

blessed with the affection of your ethereal essence.

I have a theory,

that my bed may be possessed by your spirit,

holding me tight,

when I have things to do,

making reality seem like nothing at all.

I call my covers by your name,

disappearing into a darkness that you bring light to,

swimming in dreams of you all night,

scolded by the sun when I awake,

and the bittersweet kiss of your disappointment,

when you find us,

my notebook and me,


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