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Do You Believe In Aliens?

Blue highlights in the orange sky,

clouds kissing the soft sunrise.

The day unfolds and I dress up in my diamonds,

waiting at my front door,

with made up eyes and make believe dreams of you and me.

A King and Queen,

in separate kingdoms,

our palaces are warm but lonely,

there’s so much space,

when all I want is to be enclosed,

enveloped in your arms.

I can keep a secret,

sweet love,

I’ll wrap it up and keep it under my pillow,

where my cards live, and my dreams begin,

always simple and silent at first,

before I’m headfirst into new universes,

writing verses on the moon,

about the way the sunlight highlights your blue eyes,

when I wake up next to you.

You make the sun shine,

any time of the day,

when you smile down at me,

giving me a long kiss that never seems long enough,

the tempting taste of fire,

on my lips,

and in my soul.

I’m waiting at the door,


dressed up in my diamonds,

your delicate little kitten,

only ever moving for your touch.

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