A Coffee By The River

I am going to meet you by the river,

as the sun sets,

and the moon settles into the night’s sky.

My nails will be black,

chipped and coloured outside the lines,

and I’ll wear that black and red dress that you like,

so you’ll know that I dressed up, just for you.

I will wear enough lip gloss to share,

new necklace for you to fixate upon,

my skin, soft and strawberry scented,

your name, all across it, in the ink of your kisses.

I will not be held in your lonely hands,

but they will know that my body longs for them,

my soul will speak,

in a frequency only you can hear,

and though we will be two meters apart,

two people together, but parted,

you will know that I am still yours.

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