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What Do You Want?


I find myself getting lost in my mind,

because I’ve got questions,

I’ve always got questions,

but the answers are out of reach,

out of the picture,

and the lens of your camera flashes,

like lightning,

so I stay still,

stuck in a storm,

sticking with the idea that waiting is all I can do.

I like you a lot,

so I let you lock me up,

tied up and tortured by the fact that I’ll never truly know what it is that you want.

I couldn’t be clearer.

Clearing the landscape and planting poppies in a pattern,

so they’ll grow and give you clarity,

they’ll sprout and spell out

“I just want you”.

What do you want?

I like you a lot,

so I do whatever you want,

or whatever I think you want,

and I’m tied up in knots,

because my mind is a maze,

and I’m caught in your gaze,

as silence surrounds me,

and I quietly question,

with my eyes and my heart because my mouth is moving against me.

What do you want?

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