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A PSA To Gay Men, From The Women Of The LGBT Community

I do not require,


or desire,

your thoughts,

and criticisms,

on the garden,

you do not have permission, or the inclination to visit.

Remember where you came from,

dear, dismal, simple boy,

and remember that the pride and joy that resides in your pants,

is nothing to write home about either.

Please do not mistake

your lack of attraction to me,

for permission,

to traipse out the same misogynistic tropes found in magazines and the mouths of straight men,

because tasteless, tacky jokes about how disgusting vaginas are,

does nothing to help your lack of personality.

One thought on “A PSA To Gay Men, From The Women Of The LGBT Community

  1. This resonates. I worked with a very misogynistic gay man once who said the most abhorrent things about women and their genitals. I was like fuck off you tiny little prick! I don’t care if you’re the most oppressed person on the planet… it is never ok to be a douche bag to others to make yourself feel better. I feel the exact same way about male/man-bashing women. It is all inner child wound projection. Like, stop being an ass… get some therapy and maybe be a decent human. Ya know!?!?!


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