She Didn’t Like Horror Movies Until She Met Me

I told her, I knew everything about wickedness,
wretched, with her wrapped around my manicured fingertips,
watching our love waste away and be reborn every full moon was the only joy that I had found in such a jaded world.

I was her spellbinding, spooky soulmate,
she told everyone she met that she was living in a happy little horror film,
smiling as skeletons rose from the ground,
laughing as the lights went out,
because I was at my best in the dark.

We spent New Year’s Eve in a new realm,
ripping apart the fabric of a fragile past and present with how firmly our lips press against the future.
I belonged to nobody for so long,
until I let her love line my neck with beautiful blood,
becoming her talisman, for all time.

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