My Dream Is Yours, Because It’s Yours and Mine

Your hand was full of hope, feeling unfamiliar in my own, but so necessary,
so satisfying, as if it was something that had always fit there, but had never made itself known,
and I kept your kiss and phone number on an old gum wrapper, because my mobile needed to nap,
after snapping so many pictures of us.

I met you on the metro,
just as you thought your world was falling apart.
Finding me isn’t a worthwhile consolation prize in my eyes,
but you seemed thrilled in a way I thought it was best not to argue with,
never choosing to trouble the tigers,
I left you to your lovesick lunacy, because I had plenty of my own to get on with.

My sweet girl,
sailing ships through busy cities,
never stopping for red traffic lights or the advice of old friends,
I am right behind you, on a boat of my own,
ready for you to board, whenever you get bored of being alone.

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