Jennifer Walks Into A Bar, Narrated By A Male Author

Her eyes were as brown as her breasts,
firm double D’s, that she wasn’t afraid to show off.

A tall chocolate shake in a dress she thought made her look classy.

She wanted to appear impenetrable, because the world was as hard as my dick (which is really big, by the way).

She had a sultry drawl, locked inside of her golden throat and glossy lips,
but nothing she said made any sense,
just a sweet, shrill soliloquy as she stared into my eyes.

Some might think she kept eye contact to keep my respect,
but deep down, I knew it was because of her deep desire for me.

You see,
I can read a girl like that, like I can read her pretty little poems,
because I’m as literate as I am interesting.

She licks her lips, and I know what’s up.

She might disappear into the dark with a dame, but she has to come back eventually.




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